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C.A.P. porcelaine Sàrl (Le cercle artistique des peintres sur porcelaine) is a company set up in 1999 and taken over in 2008 by Micheline & Louis-Georges Lecerf.


The scope of our company is to offer all the products and services expected by porcelain and glass painters.


The experience built up by Micheline during the many shows which we normally attend, is an opportunity for us to remain in permanent touch with porcelain and glass painters. We are aware of the problems they encounter as we are aware of their needs and requirements.


Thanks to the information we collect, we can find all the best in order to come up to your expectations and give you the suitable support: the material and the services are selected, used and tested by artists and intended for use by artists.


OUR « MAGICOULEURS » COLOURS (pigments made in Germany), are conditioned in jars with screw-type safety caps and sold at particularly advantageous terms.




MEDIUMS, lacquers, special tools and accessories of all kind.


JEWEL BLANKS and porcelain handicraft items.




COURSES and seminars in our studio.


PORCELAIN SHOW, an exhibition of porcelain and glass painting held every year.


Micheline shall answer all your technical queries while Louis-Georges shall answer your commercial questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


C.A.P. porcelaine SARL - Bas du Village 13 - CH-2336 Les Bois

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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